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From the desk of: Markus Amanto 
Date: 15th of January 2015

Markus AmantoDear leader,

My name is Markus Amanto and I have worked for over 15 years world wide with the development of leadership and human potential with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, McDonalds, World Bank, IKEA and Microsoft.

By invitation only...

I am excited to tell You that will launch in the fourth quarter of 2014 and will give a select group of people access to a leaders forum and articles, by invitation only, where ideas will be exchanged, questions will be answered and inspiration will be found.

Are You a leader today?
Do You wish to become a better leader?

This is Your chance...

Fill in the form below to receive information when we get nearer the launch date. You will get an email with a personal invitation explaining the application process and the requirements.

There are no obligations involved at this point, you will only receive the information email later on with your invitation and we will not use your email for any other purpose.

For your success,

Markus Amanto

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