When you say strategic leadership, what first comes to your mind? Some would probably think of it as a general or a commander who is leading a battalion of men and they would be going to war. Some would disagree with that thought and would probably say that it is about a group of businessmen trying to find a good technique to make it to the top of their game.


But if you would go to a strategic leadership forum, you would see that it is more than just going to battle and it is all about leading a group with your wits.

The thing is, the Strategic Leadership Forum is also known as the SLF. It is a group and it has been growing its members. It is currently working on just bringing in a group of leaders who would be trained and taught about how to strategize when it comes to leading a group, an organization, or a business. It is now working on introducing and adding a wee bit more of technology into how they run their lot. See, one cannot disregard the fact that technology plays a huge role these days and to be on top of the game, you have to see what is working and what is not. At present, it is important that your strategy involves technology.

Despite the fact that the Strategic Leadership Forum has brought in technology to their group, they still believe that it is also important to have interaction with other people. How can one lead a group or a company or a business if one is not capable of dealing with other people? Remember, leadership is about leading people. How can you lead if you do not even know how to work with them or just simply mingle with them? They also make sure that they talk about what is important to them and that they meet to update and to learn from each other.